Regulating Bodily Practices in a Pluralistic Society: the case of Malta

by Jeanise Dalli

Paper to be presented at the Workshop for Inter-disciplinary Researchers „Mobilization of Law in Pluralistic Society,“ 19-20 May 2017, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin (Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)

Since 2013, Maltese legislators and policy-makers have been focusing their attention on the body, gender and sexuality and devising different regulatory strategies (including, promulgating ad hoc legislation) to regulate such matters. This paper explores key findings from a research project which takes Malta as a case study on the regulation of bodily practices in a pluralistic society. Specifically, it focuses on Maltese legislation and other regulation which directly concern body practices and interventions which are practised or performed as an expression and affirmation of a person’s gender identity and sexual orientation. Weiterlesen