Law as a social practice and Indigenous Peoples as new actors in the Transitional Justice process in Colombia (2005-2016)

by Mónica N. Acosta García*

Paper to be presented at the Workshop for Inter-disciplinary Researchers „Mobilization of Law in Pluralistic Society,“ 19-20 May 2017, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin (Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)

Due to the Justice and Peace process in 2005 and the actual scenario of peace talks between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -FARC, Colombia has a structured and well-defined normative ‘institutionalization’ about Transitional Justice -TJ. However, the active participation of Indigenous Peoples -IP is missing in this political and legal scenario, therefore, I will discuss how a non-state actor -the national indigenous organization Organizacion Nacional Indígena de Colombia ONIC- have engaged in the TJ in Colombia during the last 10 years. Thus, the starting point is the Colombian TJ, which is a social process of interactions involving diverse types of agents (State actors, NGOs, international organizations, indigenous organizations, lawyers, etc.) and multiple levels of law (local/national/global/transnational). Weiterlesen